Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sorry about the disappearing act & GREAT news!

Sorry about the disappearing act. It totally wasn't planned, I just never got a chance to get to the computer. I started a new job this week and the first three days I wanted to keep my nails simple, so I didn't do a ton of swatching, and when I did I was too exhausted to post. I don't plan on doing that except for 8/22-8/26 when I will be in Miami (don't worry, I already mapped out the nail supply stores).

In other news, I spent the entire day yesterday looking for Essie's 'Greenport'. I checked every store listed 'Nail Supply' on Yelp within easily a 50 mile radius. I even checked some nail salons. I found a nail salon on Jamaica Ave in Queens that had what looked like 'Greenport' from 15' away, but she wouldn't even let me look at it. What a snot ;)

But.......I found a new nail supply store. I walked in and just took a quick look at the Color Club rack and found the  'Back To Boho' collection, BACKSTAGE PASS COLLECTION AND FOILED COLLECTION!!!!!!

Seriously, I must have done something good for this to happen to me. I didn't even think I would find them this early, I wasn't even looking for them. When I saw these on I literally almost fell out of my seat with joy. Unfortunately, I got to the store 10 minutes before they closed and was in a mad dash so somehow I didn't grab all of them. :(  I even had my boyfriend checking the Essie boxes for 'Greenport #682' lol

I got home last night around 12:30am, and I swatched until 2:30am. I swatched the 'Backstage Pass' collection first, and then 'Foiled'. I plan on swatching the 'Back to Boho' collections as just 'NOTD' posts.

Before I even get to those collections, I'm going to play catch up with the manis that I wore during the week, so stay tuned.

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