Wednesday, August 3, 2011

OPI - SugarPlum Yum (Glitter Top Coat)

I needed to add some fabulousness to my NOTD today, so here is OPI's 'SugarPlum Yum' glitter top coat over Essie's 'St Lucia Lilac'. I think the two compliment each other very nicely. When I came across this polish and had never heard of it before, and almost left without it. I passed it for a second time and thought about how it was a black label and couldn't leave without it. I came home and the information that I found on MUA is that this is from the 2002 Victorian collection, and this is supposed to be a 'companian' to OPI's 'SugarPlum Yum' polish which I do not have.

This top coat consists of what I would call micro sized glitter. There are pieces of purple, pink, silver and green glitter. In the light it gives off the effect of being holographic. In some lighting it looks to be only silver and purple glitter. The dry time on this is good and even without a top coat it's not too gritty.

Here is 1 coat of OPI's 'SugarPlum Yum' glitter top coat over my current NOTD.

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