Wednesday, August 31, 2011

OPI 'DS Temptation'

Good Morning! Today I have one of the two new OPI DS polishes. I had both OPI 'DS Temptation' and 'DS Bold' in my hands but only walked away with 'DS Temptation'At first glance I really liked 'DS Bold'...but then I looked down at it again and it instantly looked like a dupe of China Glaze 'Mrs. Claus'. I don't know if they are an exact dupe since I didn't buy it and compare them side by side, but they are so close if you own one you probably don't need the other.

For the most part I really love the DS series polishes....but these two DS polishes are not like the others. I'm not saying I don't love or like it, I'm saying they aren't the same. I'm not sure why these are classified as DS when they are simply glitter polishes. They don't have the holographic effects of the original DS polishes I'm used to.

The polish is purple, blue, silver and magenta glitter in a BLUE base. I was shocked that it wasn't a purple base. I wanted to show you the base color, so the photo below is 1 coat.

The formula was a bit sheer but buildable. It was decent to work with - not too thick and not too thin. I did three coats of polish to build the color I wanted. IMO it really needs the third coat. I also found that this dried a bit matte, so the photos below are with a coat of Seche Vite.

I added some extra photos so you can see all of the glitter (reminder - you can click the pics to enlarge). While I really like this polish if given the opportunity to purchase this polish again I wouldn't spend the $12.50. Since this is a basic glitter polish I think the $8.50 is more than enough.

What are your thoughts? Will you be purchasing DS Bold or DS Temptation?


  1. I dunno, maybe. This might be on the dark side for me personally.

  2. Nothing is too dark if you find a flattering shade. I'm that way about reds, but if I find the right one I fall in love. This is dark but the glitter makes it dimensional.

  3. I agree with your comment about it being a bit much for a polish. For what it is, it should be at a lower price point.

    The color looks good on you though!

  4. Thank you Rosy! I'm still a little confused as to why this is part of the 'DS' collection...we'll see what we read as time goes on. Maybe I'm missing something lol