Wednesday, August 24, 2011

OPI 'Orange You From New York?'

Good morning! Today I have OPI"s 'Orange You From New York' from their New York City collection released fall of 2000. I can't believe that 11 years later I found this on the shelves of a beauty store. It's pretty crazy. I had one hell of a time trying to get it open but the formula is fantastic still. The store put this one on clearance so they crossed out the label, but I can still read it! There is also build up from another polish that must have leaked on it.

'Orange You From New York?' is a reddish orange that also has a little brown in it? It's kind of hard to decide what color it really is. It reminds me of rust and it's totally a fall color. I wasn't sure if I liked it and only really picked it up because 1.  I knew it was a HTF 2. I'm from New York lol.  Once on my nails I fell in love with it.

I looked this up on Ebay out of curiousty to see if anyone would be able to find it and there are a few on there right now. The price on this is pretty high, $23-$30. I don't think I could spend that on 1 polish.

The formula was great! It is somewhat squishy like a jelly but really opaque and super easy to work with. It dried quickly and with great shine.

The photos below are two coats of 'Orange You From New York?' with no top coat.


  1. oh my god! You were so lucky to find this pretty! And it looks absolutely gorgeous! I want it, too!!!!

  2. Thank you for such a great job! It's kinda hard to find swatches from old collections sometimes, but in same time it become even more interesting)

  3. Thanks ladies! I have another polish from the NY collection which I plan to swatch soon. I love finding HTF polishes, it keeps the hunt interesting :)

  4. I loved that color & wore it for years... Until it became impossible to find anymore. I wrote to OPI asking them to put it in their classic collection but never got a reply. :(