Monday, August 22, 2011

China Glaze 'It's Alive' & 'Ghoulish Glow'

Good Morning! Today I have two polishes from China Glaze's 'Haunting' collection which just hit the shelves at my nail supply store. I was able to control myself and not purchase the entire collection. I picked the two that stood out the most to me.

First up is 'It's Alive'. It's a gorgeous green glitter. The green itself is what I would refer to as olive. The olive green glitter comes in two sizes - small, and smaller lol. I don't want to call it medium sized glitter because you really have to be close to be able to tell it's two different sizes. I love this, and I can't wait to wear this. I'm in Miami this week and I feel the need to keep my mani & pedi summer related so I'm going to remove this before my flight.

The formula on 'It's Alive' was almost a 1 coater. I could have gotten away with 1 coat but decided to do 2 for the swatches. It was easy to work with and dried pretty quick.

I'm really loving the greens lately. If you like green, pick this one up! I'm kicking myself for not purchasing 'Zombie Zest' last year and now I've gone to every Sally's in my area looking for it on clearance. I saw it so many times and left it.  (I love polish, I LOOOOOVE clearance polish)

The photos below are two coats of 'It's Alive' with no top coat.

Up next is 'Ghoulish Glow', the new glow in the dark top coat. I'm sad to report that I have no photos of this besides the two *SAD* photos below. It glows like it says it does, but no matter what I wasn't able to pick up my nails in my camera.  As a last resort I even tried to capture the glow in my camera phone.
I'm not showing swatches because as a top coat it's clear....and nobody wants to see naked nails.

See - it does glow. It's cute but I'm dying to get my hands on OPI's 'Zom-body to Love' which is a green based glow in the dark polish.

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  1. very nice! :) I am getting these colors in the mail very soon and can't wait. Also, I have bought Zombie Zest online recently I believe they have it at several online nail polish stores for like $3 or so. :)

  2. Nail mail is the best! I'm going to have to buy Zombie Zest online. It reminds me of Butter London 'Wallis' but with a cheaper price tag ;)