Sunday, August 14, 2011

Color Club's 'Foiled' Collection Swatches

Edit: As of 9/18/11 this post has been revised. The bottles I picked up at a supply store in Queens, NY had mislabeled bottles (with the exception of Cold Metal). I'm not sure how that happens but I apologize for the mix up. The names have now been corrected.

On Saturday afternoon I also found Color Club's new 'Foiled' collection and they are AMAZEBALLS!   I swatches these after the Backstage collection and these were a breeze. I'm generally not in love with metallics but I've been converted!

There are six polishes in the new Foiled collection, and I somehow missed two of them. I purchased 'Perfect Mol-ten', 'Foil Me Once', 'Hot Like Lava' and 'Cold Metal'.

All four of these are GORGEOUS metallics with amazing formula. There is silver shimmer in all them that is more apparent on the darker shades (of course) but can be seen throughout.

Please note that all swatches below are without any base or top coats.
The formulas on these were all the same, so I am going to do a group review at the end.

You can enlarge to see the names and numbers.

First up for review is 'Foil Me Once'

Hello gorgeous! 'Foil Me Once' is a great light pink. It's almost like a baby pink with amazing flash to it.

Next up is 'Perfect Mol-ten'

'Perfect Mol-ten' is an amazing medium green. If I had to describe it I would say it's almost a mint. This is jaw dropping - literally. I noticed that my jaw had fallen while I painted the first nail.

Next up is 'Hot Like Lava'

'Hot Like Lava' is a beautiful pink. I would describe this is a rose pink. The pink in this is much different than 'Foil Me Once' so I think it's absolutely necessary to own both.

Last but not least is 'Cold Metal'

'Cold Metal' is an AMAZING medium toned blue. I LOVE this one. I feel the need to purchase a back up bottle. When I was a kid my favorite crayola crayon was a great blue called cerulean, and this is exactly what it reminds me of.

These were all serious wins. The formula was amazing on all of these, I could have easily gotten away with one coat but the pictures above are two coats. This is not a polish that builds it's color, the color you get on the first coat is the polish you get in the end.
The polish was not too thin and not to thick, it was perfect and super easy to work with. For a metallic polish the brushstrokes on these were absolute minimum. I can't say enough good things about these, which is great after my experience with the Backstage Pass collection.
The only negative thing I can say is that I got smurf fingers when removing 'Cold Metal'. I would definitely wear a base coat next time.

Overall? GET YOUR HANDS ON THESE if you like metallics.


  1. Cold Metal is amazing!!! I'm so excited for it! :D

  2. They are all really great but Cold Metal really stands out. I went back to the store yesterday to get the two I was missing and they never got them in :(

  3. I think you got the names all wrong. it doesn't tally from transdesign except for cold metal.

  4. miChelle -- Thanks for bringing that to my attention. That's SO strange. I have a photo of the bottom of the bottles posted, in which they are all labeled, but I see what you are saying about TransDesign. I wonder if my bottles are mislabeled?

    I did a quick google search for other swatches and nothing yet. The PolishAholic does have a sheet from CosmoProf in which the advertisement is labeled the same as my bottles.

    I guess I will have to wait and see :(

  5. The first one seems 'Foil Me Once', the second one seems to be 'Perfect Mol-TEN', the third one seems to be 'Hot Like Lava' and the last one really is 'Cold Metal' :) I'm only comparing them to what I see in the bottle on a site ;p