Saturday, August 6, 2011

Comparison Post - Essie 'St Lucia Lilac' vs OPI 'Rumples Wiggin' vs Essie 'Nice is Nice'

Hello! TGIF!!! I couldn't be happier that today is Friday. I have a comparison post for you today, which was inspired by Essie's 'St Lucia Lilac'. I purchased both Essie 'St Lucia Lilac' and 'Nice is Nice' at the same time and I could tell they were only a shade or two apart. When I painted my nails with 'St Lucia Lilac' it reminded me a lot of OPI's 'Rumples Wiggins' so I decided to add that to this comparison post.

While doing the bottle comparison I noticed that 'St Lucia Lilac' has a shimmer to it, which I totally missed the first post. The reason why? It completely disappears on the nails and looks like a flat creme. Since these were quick swatches I didn't waste time cleaning up, hopefully my painted cuticles aren't too distracting ;)

Here we go:

Essie 'St Lucia Lilac' vs 'Nice is Nice' = 'Nice is Nice' has purple/pink undertones (depending on the light), where as 'St Lucia Lilac' leans more gray. Not dupes. They are close, but I don't feel bad owning both. If they had the same undertones I would say that 'Nice is Nice' was just a tad darker.

Essie 'St Lucia Lilac' vs OPI 'Rumples Wiggin' = When compared 'Rumples Wiggins' definitely has pink undertones compared to 'St Lucia Lilac'

Formula?  Essie's 'Nice is Nice' was the smoothest to apply. I'll be making this a full mani shortly.

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