Wish List

My Wish List
(lemmings that I'm obsessing over...in no particular order)

Essie 'Starry Starry Night'
Essie 'Dominicana Green'

OPI 'My Private Jet' (original black holo)
OPI 'Rainforest'
OPI 'Creme De Menthe'
OPI 'Sand-erella'
OPI 'DS Glamour'
OPI 'Boo Berry'
OPI 'Damone Roberts 1968'
OPI 'Peel Me a Gobi Grape'

China Glaze 'OMG'
China Glaze 'Don't Be a Square'
China Glaze 'Moonpool'
China Glaze 'How About a Tumble'
China Glaze 'Spellbound'

Teeez 'Outta Control' (purple holo)
Teeez 'Cool' (blue holo)
Teeez 'Smooth' (pink holo)

Missha 'JBL01'
Missha 'HKH01'
Missha 'GVL01'
Missha 'HGR01'
Etude 'BL019'
The Face Shop 'PP401'
The Face Shop 'BK901'
Catherine Arley '805'
BK '04'
BK '20'
Nubar 'Pecock Feathers'
MAC 'Bad Fairy'
RBL 'Scrangie'

If anyone has any of these and they are unloved and you are interested in swapping OR selling, please let me know :)