Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Tony Moly GT03 (Mars)

Hello ladies :)  Today we are half way through the Tony Moly Galaxy collection. This collection is so fantastic, I wish it had at least 8 or 12 shades. Today's post is all about GT03, aka Mars. I knew I had to have this! Something about this just stood out to me, and once on the nail it didn't disappoint.

GT03 is so stunning! The base color in GT03 is brown. The glitter in this is golden amber and a very warm bronze/red/orange color (I can't decide lol). The best part of this, is that there are random tiny pieces of blue micro-glitter tht jump out randomly. I didn't notice it at first, but when I did I couldn't stop staring at my nails.

Formula was fantastic and highly opaque. The photos below show two coats of GT03 and a coat of Seche Vite. Photos are with and without flash.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tony Moly GT02 (Earth)

Good Morning! Today is day # 2 of the Tony Moly Galaxy collection review. GT02, aka Earth has a slate blue base with hints of gray.  The glitter in the base of GT02 is silver, blue and pink. In the bottle, this looked like it had small holographic pieces but on the nail it disappear, it must have been the magic of the colors working together. Formula was fantastic and highly opaque.

The photos below show two coats of GT02 and a coat of Seche Vite. Photos are with and without flash.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Tony Moly GT01 (Mercury)

Happy Monday! Oh how I hate Mondays! (and working lol). As mentioned yesterday, I'm doing 5 days of Tony Moly reviews. Hopefully, everyone enjoys this and if you hate it, can stick through it. Things will be back to normal next week :)

GT01, aka Mercury has a dark gray base with small round glitter in silver, brown, and blue. Mercury is the one polish I didn't "need" of the collection, and boy was I wrong. This is SO stunning. It was love at first stroke.

Formula is great and highly opaque. The photos below show two coats of GT01 and a coat of Seche Vite. (All of the reviews I read stated this was a top coat eater, but I had no problem with only 1 coat. I didn't find these to be any worse than any other glitter, IMO). Photos with and without flash.

What do you ladies think?

Sunday, November 27, 2011

I'm in Love!!! Tony Moly Galaxy collection

Hey all!! Sorry for the delay in the posts, I hope everyone in the US had a fantastic Thanksgiving with their loved ones. Welcome to all of my new followers, I'm getting excited!!

Today I have something extra special (in my opinion). I have been lemming the Tony Moly Galaxy collection since I initially saw swatches of it. Since Tony Moly isn't available in the US, I had to rely on Ebay to get these babies.

I saw multiple listings for the bottles individually for $9.99 with free shipping, but I found the seller 2b-gentler on Ebay had the entire set for $41.60 including free shipping (there are more than 10 available still, ruuuun ladies!). How could I turn this down? It's almost like getting the 5th bottle free. I was floored at how quickly I received the polish (a little over a week, including the weekends) and it came registered mail with free samples.

This post is picture heavy, I just couldn't narrow it down!

I'm doing something a little different this week. Monday through Friday I will be reviewing each polish from the collection. I normally can't stay focused on one collection for multiple days, but I couldn't wait to get through these!!!

Time to stop the rambling and show the goods ;)

GT01, GT02, GT03, GT04 and GT05






The extras included in my purchase!

The extras :)


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Wet n Wild - It's All In The Cut

Happy Wednesday ladies! Today's post features one of the new Wet n Wild polishes from their new Ice Baby collection, which is Limited Edition and only released to Walgreens. I stalked all of the Walgreens on Long Island like a mad woman, and finally I found a super sweet lady on Facebook who sold it to me. Of course, the day I got it in the mail I stopped at Walgreens for something else and there was the Ice Baby display :o/

I was so excited to get the Nails Inc. dupes, that I wanted to save "the best for last" and so I chose a polish that didn't jump out at me. I put It's All In The Cut on my nails, and within moments it was love. I could not stop looking at my nails. This is beyond gorgeous and I'm going to buy a back up bottle!

It's All In The Cut has small round lavender glitter with pink hex glitter that is larger than the lavender, but still on the small side. The formula was opaque in two coats and easy to work with. I found the neck of the bottle to be a little on the narrow side, and if I wasn't careful I continued to jam the brush into the sides.

The photos below are two coats of It's All In The Cut and a coat of Seche Vite.

If you don't already own this and you see it, pick it up! It's amazing.

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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Barielle Falling Star

Happy Tuesday ladies! Welcome to all my new followers!! And a very warm thank you to all of the kind ladies who referred you! For today's mani I have Barielle Falling Star, which is another polish I got from my best friend for my birthday.

Falling Star is a gorgeous cornflower blue with small round copper glitter. It's opaque in two coats, and I absolutely love the creme finish with glitter. My issue here was the formula, as the formula was terrible! On the first few strokes I thought maybe that the bottle was never properly sealed, as it was thick, goopy and stringy. I tried to work with it, but only got 6 nails in before I ran and grabbed the polish thinner. I added 15 drops before it was easy to work with. I thought there was something wrong with my bottle, but a Google search proved that this is the formula of the polish.

Although I don't normally like super thick polish, the pay off was gorgeous so I know I'll be reaching for this polish again in the future. The photos below show 2 coats of Barielle Falling Star with 1 coat of Seche Vite.

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Monday, November 21, 2011

Haul of Fame's Happy Holidays Giveaway!

Happy Holidays ladies! I'm extremely grateful for everyone that follows my blog. I've met some amazing ladies since July, so I wanted to do a quick 'thank you' giveaway. This is my first giveaway, so I'm excited! I had a hard time deciding what to include, but I think the following are special. I tried to keep it holiday themed, but it needed a blue or green so I threw in a random polish.

Included in this giveaway:
(1) OPI Dear Santa (HTF)
(1) China Glaze Snowglobe
(1) China Glaze Twinkle Lights
(1) Essie Luxeffects Shine of the Times
(1) Essie Lapis of Luxury
(1) Revlon Carbonite
(1) Revlon Starry Pink
(1) set of Lotion Gloves (zebra print and white)
(1) Dream Olive Oil Hand and Body lotion (from a nail supply store, amazing!)
(1) pair of blue toe separators

Rules:-You must fill out the form below. Please include an email address that you check often.
- You must be a public Google Friend Connect follower of Haul Of Fame = 1 entry
- If you mention this giveaway on your blog = +1 entry
- If you post a photo on your blog of this giveaway = +1 entry
- If you share this giveaway on Facebook =  +1 entry
- If you tweet this giveaway = +1 entry
- If you add Haul Of Fame to your blogroll = +1 entry

* * * This giveaway will close at 11:59pm on Sunday, December 11th. The winner has until Tuesday 12/13 to respond and confirm a shipping address, otherwise a new winner will be chosen * * *

All polishes are brand new.

This giveaway is open internationally. Because of the busy season at the post office, I can't guarantee quick shipping but it will be sent out first class asap once a shipping address is confirmed.
I am unable to register the international mail due to the costs. I am willing to ship internationally, but can not be held liable if the post office loses it. I will provide a copy of the USPS receipt for international winners.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Good luck and happy holidays to everyone!!!

Blogger and technology both hate me, so please follow the link below:

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Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Versatile Blogger Award

I've had a crazy weekend, to end a crazy week. I've worked basically a 50 hour week on top of being sick still so I haven't been on the computer in a few days. When I signed on to pay a bill yesterday, I saw an email from Amanda at Amandalandish nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award!

I'm so honored to receive this from Amanda, because her blog is great! I love her swatches, her reviews, basically everything about her blog is fantastic. She's so fun to talk to about nail polish and everything! The fact that she nominated me for this award means a lot! Thank you Amanda! <3

I then got a second email from Heather at ThePolishedPanda letting me know she nominated me for the award as well. I'm touched! Her blog is also a ton of fun, I found her through Amanda sometime last week and I've enjoyed looking at her swatches.

Check these ladies out if you already haven't!

As a winner, my duties are:

- List 7 things about myself
- Nominate 15 other bloggers.

Here we go....

Seven Things About Myself:
Completely random!

1. I'm a closet blogger. I don't let anyone know that I'm doing this. The only people who know are my best friend, my boyfriend and my mom. The only reason my mom knows if because she figured it out! I just think people won't understand unless they are into nail polish.

2. I feel insecure about my blog sometimes. I schedule all of my posts ahead of time, and sometimes doing 7 posts on a Sunday night is tiring and I miss little details. I always check after 9am to make sure my scheduled post actually posts, and sometimes I see a photo of how dry my skin is or sloppy swatches and I cringe!  I appreciate all of the comments my followers leave me, it means a lot!

3. A clean up brush and acetone are not my friend! I've ruined manicures trying to clean up, and made more of a mess. Instead I have to be SUPER careful.

4. I am a shopaholic. Even if I don't necessarily need something, I always make a run to the store. 

5. I don't eat meat. I haven't in 8 years, but the term 'vegetarian' makes me a little uneasy for some reason. I don't eggs or some other vegetarian fare, so I don't like to be thrown into that category. I also don't look like your typical twiggy vegetarian lol.

6. I drive a blue Volkswagen Jetta that I absolutely love! Our 5 year anniversary was in September and we hit 90,000 miles this weekend. My dream car is an Audi IS4, white exterior, black interior, fully loaded of course!

7. I would like to visit Ireland, Germany and Ukraine one day. My mother's side of the family is Irish and German, and my father's side is Irish and Ukrainian. I would like to see where my ancestors originated. (Of course, while I'm over there I'd like to visit at least 10 other countries lol)

The bloggers I'm passing the award on to:

Alexandra RC
Addicted to OPI
Bubbles & Baubles
Colores de Carol
Gotham Polish
I Drink Nail Polish
Imperfectly Painted
Lacquer Ninja
Nouveau Cheap
Owls & Nail Polish

Thank you to everyone who has followed me on my blogging journey <3

Also - I changed the color of the blog background from pink to blue. Pink was too summery, and I felt a change was needed. Thoughts?

OPI Excuse Moi

Excuse Moi, what is wrong with me? I passed on this polish about three times before I saw swatches I absolutely loved. I saw it on Scrangie, and then Gilded Nails really sold me on it. It became an obsession and I had to break my no-buy and go get it (I was 6 days strong lol).

Excuse Moi is from the Muppets collection that was just recently released. Excuse Moi has a light pink base with small pink glitter. Mixed into that, is multi-colored glitter pieces. It looks like there is green, pink, blue, orange, silver and possibly purple glitter pieces. This is the best glitter OPI has come out with in at least the last year. I'm in love! Formula was easy to work with, but like all glitters I found this chipped easily.

The photos below are two coats of Excuse Moi and a coat of Seche Vite.

Side note: I still haven't broke a nail. I'm about to buy an entire case of Nailtek Foundation II.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

OPI At Your Quebec and Call

I was recently in Nordstrom when I swatched Chanel's Peridot and fell in love. Luckily for my wallet, they were sold out. (I also fell in love with Graphite, also sold out). I ran around the mall like a maniac and it was sold out everywhere I went.

I then remembered that I had OPI At Your Quebec and Call at home. It was a long time lemming that I had to have, I bought it online and never used it. I feel guilt about buying things and not using them, so this was constantly in the back of my mind. I thought this would fill my void for Peridot, but as expected it's not a dupe.

At Your Quebec and Call is from the Canadian collection of 2004. It's a black label and a little more HTF, but you can score it on Victoria's Nail Supply for a very reasonable price. At Your Quebec and call is a medium green with olive/golden shimmer. It can be a bit brush strokey if you aren't careful.  Since it's a black label, this polish is a little more on the thin side.

The photos below are three coats of At Your Quebec and Call and a coat of Seche Vite.

Sorry for the excess of cuticle oil. I'm glad I remembered to put it on before taking the photo, but I forgot to rub it in LOL  ::head desk::

Friday, November 18, 2011

Misa Gray Matters

Happy Friday! I hope everyone had a good week. Any fun plans for the weekend? Since I was stuck inside last weekend with a cold, I plan on taking a road trip this weekend with my boyfriend (ex: looking up polish supply stores and heading in that direction lol). Luckily, he's a good sport about it. He used to come dusty hunting because I told him Essie Starry Starry Night sold for over $100 on Ebay (I would never give it up if I got my hands on it LOL)

I've always had a thing for Gray, but I've never met a gray like this. Today I have Misa's Gray Matters. Gray Matters is a medium gray with the most amazing finish. It has small silver and small dark gray (maybe black?) micro pieces, so it comes off looking speckled. This was so gorgeous I couldn't stop staring at my nails.

The formula was great and completely opaque in 2 coats. I put a coat of Seche Vite on this and went to bed. When I got up the next morning, I noticed that 1/2 of my left pointer finger was coming up. I stuck it back down with Seche Vite and went over it again. I figured it was just a fluke thing. Throughout the day, this continued to happen. By 10pm, I was all peeled and chipped like I've never seen before. I don't know if my top coat was bad, if I had lotion on before I painted, etc. but I was stunned. I'm definitely not blaming the polish yet, but I'm going to have to try it again.

The photos below are two coats of Gray Matters and a coat of Seche Vite.
See the speckles?!?!

On a side note, I think I found my holy grail treatment. Notice how long my nails are getting?
I'm waiting for them to break any minute now, and they haven't. Nailtek Foundation II is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. I used to use OPI Nail Envy but my nails would have broken and peeled at least a week ago with Nail Envy.
I've been really bad lately and have been peeling my polish off on the drive home from work (almost daily) to save time, and they still aren't splitting, peeling, cracking, breaking, etc. When I make a fist I feel my nail tips, that's something I'm not used to!
I think I'm converted for life!
Buh-Bye Nail Envy! Helllooooo Nailtek <3 <3 <3

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Lynnderella Thank Blue!

Oh Lynnderella, as long as you keep putting out fabulous glitters I will be broke. :)

When I paid the invoice for my Lynnderella Halloween polishes, Paypal decided to hold up and "investigate" the transaction. The worst part of it was they didn't send me an email letting me know right away, I got an email from Lynnderella which was embarrassing (as you can imagine). She was SUPER sweet and nice about it and it was resolved within a few days. I had to fill out a questionnaire, and eventually make a few phone calls but in the end they ok'd the transaction. They let me know it was for my safety and they thought someone accessed my account, etc. but Seriously Paypal? Don't mess with my nail polish transactions! lol. I could see if I was trying to buy electronics or a motorcycle, but alllll I buy is nail polish lol.

When I got my polishes I found this amazing extra in it, Thank Blue! I immediately thought of the fact I would have ordered this if it was listed for sale. It gorgeous.

Thank Blue! per Lynnderella's page has "turquoise hexagons and squares with turquoise holographic hexagons, squares and aqua hexagons in a sparkling turquoise blue base."

Enough rambling, on to the swatches!!
The photos below show 1 coat of Lynnderella Thank Blue! over WnW Black. 1 coat of Seche Vite. My photos do it NO justice.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Misa Toxic Seduction and OPI Rainbow Connection

Toxic Seduction is right! This polish is amazing! Today's post features Misa Toxic Seduction. I'm not even sure how to describe this polish accurately. It's dark and looks almost black in certain lighting, but it's not. It's almost a deep emerald green but there's a little bit of teal hidden in there. It's got a gorgeous shimmer and this is just a win. Seriously. I'm so impressed with Misa right now.

I didn't want to remove this polish on the second day. I had no tip wear, no chips, nothing. You will see, that I picked at the polish on my ring finger but that was my fault, not the polishes. Instead of taking it off I decided to put OPI Rainbow Connection over it and I ruined it :(

I wasn't head over heels in love with OPI Rainbow Connection, but it was nice. I didn't need another multi glitter, but picked it up because of all the hype. I wondered if this could be the next Mad As A Hatter?!?! I almost want to say this is over rated, but maybe I need to try it over another polish.  Maybe a different combination would 'wow' me. Thoughts??

The photos below are two coats of Misa Toxic Seduction and a coat of Seche Vite.
The last photo shows one coat of OPI Rainbow Connection.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Barielle Elle's Spell

Hiya! I got some of my first Barielle polishes for my birthday this year from my best friend. We're both polish obsessed, so naturally holidays/birthdays are filled with polish. We usually gift OPI, China Glaze and Essie but she went outside of those brands that this year and bought me Nubar, Misa, and Barielle. She also picked me up a melmer, which will make organizing easier since my helmer drawers are organized a little funky. I can't wait to start my Christmas polish shopping this year!

Barielle's Elle's Spell was a polish I've had my eyes on for quite some time. It's absolutely gorgeous, although it was incredibly hard to photograph. Elle's Spell is a burgandy red jelly with flakies in it. The flakies glow orange/gold and this reminded me of fire on my finger tips.

The photos below show three coats of Elle's Spell and a coat of Seche Vite. In order to save polish, I plan on layering this next time. I really want to see what it looks like in person over black.