Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Essie - St Lucia Lilac

My NOTD today was Essie's 'St Lucia Lilac'. I'm not sure what collection this is from, but I'm almost positive it's part of their core collection. I've seen it at Ulta, Trade Secret and a few drugstores as of recently.

It's a nice, pale lavender with a creme finish. I'm happy with the overall color. It reminds me a little of OPI's 'Rumples Wiggins', and it's a shade or two lighter than Essie's 'Nice is Nice' from the Spring 2011 'French Affair' collection. I own all three and I'm hoping to do a comparison post soon.  The nail polish remover is killing my cuticles which is why I'm taking a 1 day break and keeping this mani for a second day. I get so bored with a mani on the second day :(

While I love the color the formula was a little streaky. It wasn't as easy flowing as the newer Essie collections. I needed a third coat on some of the nails to even it out.

The photos below are two or three coats of 'St Lucia Lilac' and a coat of Seche Vite.
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