Sunday, October 9, 2011

My Computer Hates Me...

So a day after saying I wouldn't disappear like that again, I did it again. I was in the middle of my BL 'All Hail The Queen' post when I got a pop up that stated I couldn't go any further due to Windows.exe. I clicked it, which was about the only thing I could do and I got a virus. There's been some drama in my family lately and I'm trying to avoid it (and the people) so I had to wait until someone else found it to fix it. It completely deleted Trend Micro. We also apparently, had to back date the computer so I lost a ton of swatches that I had saved. Luckily, I hadn't deleted what was on my SD card.

My SD card also no longer wants to register when inserted in the slot on the computer. I don't know if it's the card (it still works in the camera) or the computer. I think it's time I buy myself a laptop. I finally found the camera-to-computer plug after days of searching. I should be back now...but I can't make any promises. I definitely want to keep this going, it's just hard after I get home from work.

Why couldn't I be born into money? Or at least find some along the way? lol

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