Sunday, October 30, 2011

Holy Cr*!&@#

Happy Sunday all! I will be back with more posts tomorrow, I'm writing up the weeks posts tonight. I just found something while checking Nouveau Cheap, for the weekly cosmetic sales and I'm ELATED. I saw G's post linking swatches to the discontinued 2/$10 Ulta polishes and I found that she linked a swatch on the page to my blog post on OPI Peach A Boo. Click the link to check out all of the other swatches as well.
Thank you G! I'm honored as I'm utterly in love with your blog. :oD

Also, I found OPI Dear Santa this week and I picked up two. It's classified as VHTF and goes for $30-$35 on Ebay. I plan a holiday giveaway and this will be one of the polishes!


  1. Congrats on the shoutout! G's blog is great and it's so cool that she linked back to you :)

  2. Awesome find AND a shoutout from G--sounds like the perfect weekend!