Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Color Club Raspberry Rush

Good morning! These are the nubbins I was talking about lol.
Today's post features Color Club's Raspberry Rush from their Wicked Sweet collection. This polish reminds me of the reason I fell in love with Color Club in the first place. I love how Color Club is affordable, they have amazing formulas, and they have amazing colors.

Raspberry Rush was love at first brush stroke, literally. I can't even say enough about this polish. If you don't own it - get it! It's an amazing opaque jelly, something I have always wanted. Raspberry Rush is a gorgeous hot pink with blue undertones. It's basically magenta. Formula on this was amazing. I'm even going to see if I can find an unscented version of this polish. I suffer from migraines and sometimes I'm scent sensitive. I did smell this through the top coat - which I don't mind, unless I have a headache.

This is two coats of Raspberry Rush and a coat of Seche Vite (which is the culprit of the bubbles seen). This is definitely in my top 20!


  1. So pretty! Sorry about the migraine. :(

  2. Hi,
    The unscented version is called "All That Razz" :)

  3. Thanks everyone!
    I think I may even have All That Razz in my untried stash....I'm going to have to look! Thanks!!