Monday, October 17, 2011

Hare Polish Pegasus

Today I have something truly special to show you, something that I had been lemming for quite some time -- my first Hare Polish!!! If you aren't aware, Nikole from Nailing It! on Tumblr ( makes her own frankens and opens up her shop every few weeks. I missed the last sale but definitely got to this one. She sells on and they went up at 11pm and all 80 bottles were gone by 11:03? I had all 4 polishes that she sells in my cart and when I went to check out at 11:03 A Positive had been removed from my basket and sold already, but I will get it next time!

Up first for review is Pegasus, which is absolutely gorgeous. The first time I saw photos of this I new I had to have it. It's such a beautiful lilac purple with hex glitter mixed in. In the polish the hex glitter looks silver and white, but upon removal I found it was all silver. I did three medium coats. I am going to try layering this over next time, because by the 3rd coat I lost the glitter that went down on the first coat because the base is pretty opaque.

This is three coats of Pegasus and a coat of Seche Vite. Please excuse the ring finger, I smudged it and tried to fix it the best I could.
On a side note, could the bottles be any better? The hare labels are aaaaaaaaaamazing!

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