Friday, July 22, 2011

OPI 'Outback Aphrodisiac' (black label)

I found this polish on a random shopping trip. It was in an older beauty supply store and they had a lot of polishes current polishes that I already have. I was looking at the older bottles and found that none jumped out and screamed "BUY ME!". That was until I turned them over, saw they were black label and started reading the names.
Movin' Out? Check!
Man a La Mancha? Check!
The entire Broadway collection from 2003? Check!
Some discontinued Christmas polishes? Check!

And then there was this little one. OPI 'Outback Aphrodisiac'. At first sight it reminded me of OPI's 'Dim Sum Plum' from the Hong Kong collection, but after seeing it was black label and knowing that I probably wouldn't see it again, I did what any nail polish hoarder would do. I bought it. I came home and compared it to OPI's 'Dim Sum Plum' and it's a tad darker. It is a gorgeous magenta cream with decent formula. It was a little thinner than usual and liked to run towards my cuticles (making clean up a pain), but not terrible to work with. I did have to do three coats due to some balding near the cuticle area. The bottle also has the original brush, not the new Pro-Wide brushes.

I'm still wearing this as a mani, but before I remove all of the polish I plan on doing comparison swatches with OPI 'Dim Sum Plum' and a few other close colors, so stay tuned.

All photos below are three coats with one coat of Seche Vite. There is some tip wear present, as I didn't take these the same night I did my nails.
Exterior lighting. Indirect sunlight.

Direct sunlight.

Interior lighting (no flash)

Interior lighting (no flash). It's not this red IRL - my camera hates me today.

Exterior lighting. Indirect sunlight.

Exterior lighting. Indirect sunlight.
I wanted something to compare the color to, and I was on my lunch break, in my car. Sorry for the camo air freshener lol.
Please excuse the butchered cuticles. They are on the mend :(

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