Sunday, July 24, 2011

Nubar 'Indigo Illusion'

Nubar 'Indigo Illusion' is a duochrome that flashes a blue/gray base (IMO), with purple and green shimmer. Angle and lighting plays effect in most of this of course. I actually found that the fluorescent lighting at my job gave this the best duochrome effect, but obviously I didn't want to get caught taking photos of my nails at work so I only got a chance to sneak one photo ;)

The formula itself was good, no complaints. I did two medium coats and used Seche Vite as a top coat of course.

The second day of wearing this polish all I could think of was OPI's 'Not Like The Movies'. I thought for sure this would be a dupe. I only wore OPI's 'NLTM' once due to it's opacity and couldn't wait to get home and swatch them together. I was glad to see that these are not dupes! (Although, I'm now thinking of giving 'NLTM' a new home)

And now the photos:
Direct sunlight.

Direct sunlight.

Exterior lighting. Indirect sunlight.

Exterior lighting, direct sunlight. Do you see the green flash? :)

Fluorescent lighting at work. You can see the base and both the purple and green flash. Amazing.

Nubar 'Indigo Illusion' vs OPI 'Not Like The Movies'
They look close.....

Index & Ring Finger: OPI's 'Not Like The Movies'  (4 coats)
Middle & Pinky: Nubar's 'Indigo Illusion' (2 coats)

Index & Ring Finger: OPI's 'Not Like The Movies' (4 coats)
Middle & Pinky: Nubar's 'Indigo Illusion' (2 coats)

Nubar's website states this is "back by popular demand" and I can totally see why.
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