Wednesday, July 20, 2011

China Glaze ~ Octa Gone Wild

Here are my swatches of China Glaze 'Octa Gone Wild'.  I actually took this photo before I even realized I would be blogging. The holo in the bottle and on the nails is amazing!

I purchased this one off of Ebay and it's one of my absolute favorites. I kept telling myself I didn't need any of the OMG collection until I saw them while dusty hunting. I walked by a nail salon in Lawrenceville, NJ and spotted the OMGs from the sidewalk! I went in and no amount of bargaining would get me this polish (Who wouldn't want $10-$15 for a 1/2 used bottle of polish??!?!). After seeing them I was desperate, so I came home and bid on a bunch off of Ebay.
Direct sunlight.
Indirect sunlight (still amazing)

Direct sunlight. Do you see the rainbow?

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