Sunday, July 24, 2011

8 days & 13 posts? Yay! Plus, a rant on dusty hunting.

I'm excited that this will be my 14th post, and it's only been 8 days since I joined the blogging world. Even though I don't have tons of people reading this, I like coming on here and sharing my thoughts on the polishes I own :)

Now on to my rant. Dusty hunting.

I always see girls on the OPI Facebook page talking about all of the good polishes they find during their hunts. I always find GREAT things, and nobody wants to sell them to me!! I found the OMG and Kaliedoscope collections at a salon in NJ and she wouldn't let me have them.

Today I stopped at a random salon after driving by and seeing Essie in their window. I'm hunting for Essie's 'Starry, Starry Night' and I will find it. I can't afford $100+ on Ebay. I walked in and found no 'Starry, Starry Night', but I found OPI's 'At Your Quebec and Call' and Essie's 'Greenport'.  OPI's 'AYQAC' was 90% full and Essie's 'Greenport' was 3/4 gone. It didn't matter, it's a lemming and I wanted it. She wouldn't sell it to me. I'm not offering $5 here, I'm offering $10-$15 for a bottle of polish that's mostly gone. Wha am I doing wrong?

I'm disappointed and now obsessing about getting these two more than I already was. If anyone wants to swap - I have extra some HTF's you may be interested in ;)

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  1. I never find anything dusty hunting! I couldn't imagine seeing something I want so bad and then being told that I couldn't even buy it :(