Sunday, September 4, 2011

OPI 'To Eros is Human'

Hello! Today's post features OPI's 'To Eros is Human' from their Greek Isles collection in 2004. I picked this up at a supply store when I saw it was black label. I had seen it a few times before but in the bottle it looks a little blah so I never purchased it. It almost looks like a duochrome in the bottle due to the fact that it has some strange tones running through it.

'To Eros is Human' glows on the nail. It doesn't show the duochrome effect seen in the bottle though, which is a little bit of a let down. The formula is on the sheer side but builds with the second coat. 'To Eros is Human' wouldn't photograph 100% true to color. It comes off a little more berry/pink than orange IRL. It has a shimmer finish and applied nicely. It is a bright polish, but that's my nail style so I really like it.

The photos below are two coats of 'To Eros is Human' with no top coat.

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  1. This is such a pretty color,and the name is cute too! I've seen some black labels at my supply store too,however,I have no idea which ones are good colors,since I wasn't into OPI until last year. I don't have a whole lot of knowledge of former OPI collections.

  2. If I find a black label while I'm out I usually stand there and Google swatches. I'm sure the people working there think I'm nuts ;)

  3. ROFLMAO! Maybe I will try that,no doubt those people in the supply store are usually so busy stocking shelves,they won't notice! Thanks for the tip!

  4. Sometimes I even check EBay to see if I can find it cheaper too. I spend a lot of time standing around with hands full of polish. I'm sure they think I'm crazy or trying to steal lol.