Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Essie 'Sag Harbor' and the story of how it became mine :)

I've been dusty hunting hardcore for Essie's 'Greenport' for about 2-3 months now. I have finally given up and purchased the Loreal 'Waters Edge' dupe on Ebay.

This is why I stopped the dusty hunt madness and how I scored 'Sag Harbor':
(I made the text smaller in case you want to skip the story lol)

I was dusty hunting in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn last weekend with no luck and I figured I would try one more store. As I went to go in (all of the salons in the area are on the second floor) I fell off the steps! Someone had mopped them and not put any signs up or anything. I couldn't believe it happened and I couldn't even tell they were wet due to the shiny rubberized material the steps were made of. Of course, being embarassed and all I looked around to see if anyone saw me and there was a worker at the top of the stairs holding her hand over her mouth (I'm assuming she was the mopper). She ended up calling other people over and I was so annoyed I ended up walking out of the salon.  I was outside with a napkin trying to get all of the wet dirty crap off of my pants (and I chipped a toe nail!) waiting for my boyfriend to come out of the store next door to the salon. While I was outside one of the women came outside looking for me. She apologized and asked me if I wanted a free manicure of polish change for my toes. I told her I wanted to buy polish and she told me to come back in. I got up the DRY steps and I found a bottle of 'Sag Harbor' which was pretty full. At first it didn't seem like she wanted to sell it, but she gave in (probably only because I fell). So that's the end of my story and the end of my crazy dusty hunting. I was super sore the next day but at least my nails looked good lol.
Here is 'Sag Harbor' which is super similar to China Glaze 'Sea Spray' which I already have but I had to have it. It's a light blue with gray undertones. My bf looked at it and said "nice slate blue nails" so I guess we can call it light slate blue as well.
Formula was great. I only needed two coats. The photos below are two coats of 'Sag Harbor' and a coat of Seche Vite.



  1. I do not think that is the safest way to get your paws on a lemming, but hey, your nails do look great! ;)

  2. LOL Thanks!! It wasn't worth the fall, I came home and found 'Sag Harbor' in stock on the next day. Oh well haha.