Monday, July 23, 2012

Bettina # 45 and Icing After Party

Good Morning! Hope everyone had a good weekend. My boyfriend and I took a trip to upstate NY to go walk around Bear Mountain. There was no physical address on Google that was correct, so we ended up driving around for about 2 hours. We actually drove right by it and crossed a bridge, and spent most of the day on the wrong side lol. Lesson learned, when going on our drives we are going somewhere with a physical address. We finally found it after 8pm, but by that time I opted to go to the Woodbury Common Outlets instead.

Quick pic from the wrong side of the water......

Anyway, back to nail polish. My best friend & I made a trip to Sephora one Friday night once their website showed that the Sprinkles collection was in store. Of course, when we got there they were no where to be found and the worker there told us to come back "next Friday" (I ended up getting them at a different Sephora, where the worker went and dug them out of the back for me). Since I anticipated a polish purchase, I didn't want to leave the mall empty handed. We walked down to Icing where I immediately started going through their glitters. I ended up getting 6 bottles for $22, which in my opinion is a steal!

I'm sure you've seen this one before, but here is Icing After Party. This is a party in a bottle. The glitter pieces are different sizes and shapes, from tiny pieces to shards. The colors are gorgeous! The glitter pieces are made up of a lavender purple, light blue, gold and rusty orange in a clear base. I wanted something muted so I chose Bettina 45 as the base coat. Formula was easy to work with. The only thing I would change is the density of the glitter. I felt I needed two coats and there's already a pretty big dent in my bottle.

The photos below show two coats of Bettina 45 and two coats of After Party.

The Icing polishes retail for $4.50, but anytime I've ever purchased from Icing they are B1G1Half. I need more of these polishes in my life. I do feel a little silly walking into Icing considering I'm 26 years old, but why should teens have all the good glitter? Glitter is for adults! LOL.