Monday, April 30, 2012

Layla Coral Glam

Good morning! I hope everyone had a good weekend. For all of you who work Monday-Friday I definitely feel your pain today. I dread heading back to work starting on Sunday morning lol. On a side note and completely unrelated to polish, does anyone watch The Real Housewives of NJ? So far it's really good this season. I'm not really a kid person but Theresa's kids are so wild they definitely make the show lol.

Today I have one of the Layla holos for you. This one is Coral Glam. The formulas on these are a little difficult to work with, they definitely have a learning curve. This is the third I've tried and so far the easiest formula. This did take three layers to get opaque but I've read they are much easier to work with when you have an aqua base. I did three coats over LA Girls Nail Hardener, which I read was a decent base coat for these holos on MUA. I've learned that once you lay the polish down you can't go over it a second time or it drags the polish off. I let these dry at least 10-15 minutes between coats. I also didn't purchase the buffer they suggest. My nails are thin and peel like crazy so I've learned that buffing is a no-no for sure.

All extra application work aside, these are my best holos. Hands down. Coral Glam is the nude holo of the bunch. I can't say enough about this polish, so I'm just going to spam you with photos.....

* * * Disclaimer - My photos do the holographic effect no justice. These are even more holographic in person! * * *

Indoors under daylight lamp

The above photo starts the outdoor photos......

Amazing! And dangerous, because as I was driving I think I was looking at my nails more than the road. Every angle you turn you get a different rainbow effect. I had about 30 photos and had such a hard time narrowing them down. I did not use a top coat in the photos above. I didn't want to even chance dulling the holo.

You can pick these up from and Zappos, plus I've read that Ulta will be getting them as well. They retail for $15.50 which I know isn't very wallet friendly. I purchased these from AveYou because they had a coupon for $25 off $100 with $1 shipping which made them $12.50 each. Still more than a regular polish but I love to hoard some holo polishes....let me tell you lol.