Friday, December 30, 2011

OPI Mad As A Hatter

Happy Friday! I can't believe tomorrow is New Years Eve already. Has everyone picked out a mani? I'm thinking of doing something silver, and of course glitter. I haven't fully decided because I have HITS Zeus on right now and I'm not really ready to remove it haha. Since I have such nubbins, I'm not removing my polish daily like I was, so bare with me while my nails grow back and get healthy. I have some older swatches, but I'm not really in love with them, if you get what I mean.

For today's post I have OPI MAAH aka Mad As A Hatter. Does this need an introduction? I don't think so. It's increasingly hard to find. Also increasing is the price of this polish. I had glitterphobia when this polish originally came out, and soon after realized I made a mistake not buying it. I picked this up on Ebay for around $38 (including shipping). It's the most I've spent on a polish, but I worried if I waited any longer if I would miss out forever.

MAAH is pure amazingness in a bottle. I fell in love with this over, and over, and over again. Each time I looked at my nails I was impressed. The formula was easy to work with and it was completely opaque in 3 coats. The wear on MAAH is where the issue lies. I painted my nails late on a Thursday night, and went out with my bff on Friday night. Somewhere around dinner I noticed I was missing an entire nail, and that I had quite a few large chips. Like some other glitters, when this comes off it comes off in large chunks or in entire sheets.

The photos below show 3 coats of OPI MAAH and a coat of Seche Vite. Photos with and without flash.


  1. Mad as a Hatter is awesome! Jealous :) I'm going to do a black mani with gradient silver glitter for New Years! Happy New Year!

  2. This color is beautiful. I'm a sucker for glitters!

  3. Mad as a Hatter is just perfect!

  4. *swoons* This polish is a masterpiece. I remember when it came out I frantically searched for it. Every single place I went only had the two reds from the collection. After a month of searching (and panicking, lol) I drove over an hour out to an Ulta in the middle of nowhere and found a bottle! I was so happy! The color blend is so amazing and the glitters are so vibrant! *love this so much!* I'm so happy you got it! :D

  5. Layering it really helps with the wear. I usually wear it over Below Deck from China Glaze, that way you only need a coat or 2 of MAAH and it doesn't chip as bad.