Monday, December 19, 2011

Some girls are just born with glitter in their veins.....

I came online the other night and found that Amanda over at Amandalandish had nominated me for the following award....

I was so touched. The best part about this award is that Amanda created it, and I've been seeing it pop up on blogs since. Go Amanda! LOL. Everything has to start somewhere right? It's just fantastic to see something like this on other blogs and know where it began ;)

I was then browsing Sarah's blog over at See Sarah Swatch and she also nominated me! Another honor, because Sarah blows me away with her frankens each time she posts.

I just want to apologize to both ladies, in regards to how long it took me to post this. I've been stuck super late at work lately, and I come on blogger to post some swatches and get right off. I browse everyone's blog during the day at work (haha!) but it takes so long to comment on posts through my phone.

Here are the rules:

-Acknowledge the award/badge.
-Post your favorite glitter.
-Nominate 4 more "Glitterati"

I'm skipping the post your favorite glitter part, because sadly, I don't have any photos of my favorite glitter. I've already gone through a bottle of China Glaze Atlantis but never snapped a single photo. I plan on taking care of that as soon as I'm done with my holiday manis.

So on to my Glitterati choices:

1. Amanda @ Amandalandish (It's exciting to see this self proclaimed glitter hater wearing glitters recently! Just got back a few weeks, and you'll see her saying how she doesn't like glitter. Welcome to Glitterholics lol)
2. Sarah @ See Sarah Swatch (If you haven't already checked out her blog, do it! Her frankens and layering combos are pretty damn amazing. I'm waiting for her to open up a shop so I can hoard some lol)
3. I Drink Nail Polish (who has the most amazing, artistic photos of any blog I have come across)
4. Alexandra RC (another girl with amazingggg layering combos)

Thanks again Amanda and Sarah! I'm honored that you lovely ladies chose me for this!! :)


  1. Ha, I never expected to get this badge back! I still don't know if I 100% deserve it, but thanks! Will post on my blog stat.

  2. ahh!! you are so ridiculously sweet. thank you so much for your insanely kind words:] <3