Saturday, December 3, 2011

Tony Moly Galaxy Collection final review

Hey ladies! I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend. Today, I'm headed up to Mohegan Sun casino in CT to celebrate my boyfriend's birthday which was Tuesday. Hopefully I have luck and win some cash so I can buy more polish! LOL.

I'm pretty sad that I'm out of Tony Moly glitters to review. This hands down is my favorite glitter collection eveeeeerrrrr! The bottles are sturdy and quite possibly my favorite. I love the mirrored silver cap. The brush is incredibly easy to work with, and it is my favorite out of all the brands I own. It's short, thick and fans out nicely. I was able to get incredibly close to my cuticle without any flooding.

If you have the extra cash, I would suggest the entire collection. (Remember, only $41.60 from 2b-gentler on Ebay if you are interested) If you can only afford one bottle, I would suggest GT05 (aka Jupiter) or GT03 (aka Mars) from the collection, as I think they are the most unique.

What do you ladies think of this collection? I'm interested to see what everyone thinks. Does anyone plan on picking these up? I did a quick Ebay search of Tony Moly, and they do have some other polishes (although not as fantastic as these). I may check them out after the holidays.

Just for a quick recap.....





<3 <3 Bottle shot <3 <3
As always, thanks for reading! I appreciate all of you.
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  1. These are so great! Maybe I'll reward myself if I manage to succeed on my no-buy. Once I start my no-buy, that is. :)

  2. These hit my wish list the moment I saw them. If my wallet wasn't so empty I'd haul the whole thing! They're so beautiful! I love Jupiter and Mars the most! *fingers crossed to get these in my stocking* :D