Saturday, December 10, 2011

Barielle Do Unto Others meets Buddha-ful flakies

Hello ladies! I know yesterday's post features Barielle's Do Unto Others, so I hope you liked it enough not to mind a continuation of that post.....because I didn't want to take my polish off lol. I change my polish every night before I go to sleep. It's very rare that I wear a polish for more than a day or so, because I have so many to get through and swatch. I hate swatching and removing polish just for photos, since I see it as wasteful so I only write on polishes I wear as a NOTD. Also, when I swatch I seem to rush and that comes through in my photos.

Since I was so happy with this polish I decided to add a coat of Barielle's Buddha-ful on top of it. I think by now most people have seen Buddha-ful and even this combination. I really like Buddha-ful, but on it's own I needed 3 to 4 coats to really get it opaque (next time, I'm layering over a complimentary pink). I slapped 1 coat of Buddha-ful over my 2 coats of Do Unto Others and this is what I got.....

I got a combination I really liked.Buddha-ful made the base color have a more milky tint to it, so I don't think you can layer this over just any color. As much as I want to put it over an emerald green, I'm going to have to resist lol.



  1. Nice layering combo! I'm doing green week next week, so I'll try this over an emerald green and dedicate the combo to you! :)

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  2. Thanks Jammies! I can't wait to see it. Something about the milky base makes me nervous to layer the two.

    I tried what you suggested, and I'm still having trouble. It even tells me I'm unable to view my own blog? I finallhy figured out if I sign in and out 100x I can comment, but I still have trouble on everyone else's page :*( I hate technology!

  3. So pretty! Buddha-ful is definitely on my lemming list. I love how it looks with Do Unto Others so much! Beautiful combination! <3