Sunday, November 13, 2011

Stash Pics & Giveaway Preview

Hey all! Sorry for the lack of posts yesterday and today. I've been sick pretty much the entire week, and I haven't gotten the chance to come on the computer. Monday-Thursday I was sick with stomach pains but woke up Friday with only a sore throat. I woke up yesterday and today feeling like complete GARBAGE. My dad went to visit my grandfather in NC last week, and brought home some germs which resulted in a killer cold.

I made a new page called My Stash, which has a link to Google docs with a list of my current stash. I also uploaded photos of my current stash and show how they are organized, just in case anyone is curious. (Not that I'm a pro in organization, which you will see)

I also have 3 polishes so far that I'm including in the holiday giveaway I am planning. I want to get it started in the next week or so, but I want to pick up a few things first.

So far I have China Glaze Snowglobe, OPI Dear Santa (HTF) and China Glaze Twinkle Lights. I want to keep it holiday themed, so I need to do some shopping this week :)

Posts will be back to normal tomorrow, as I'm working on them now.

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