Friday, November 11, 2011

My Economy Ticket - (My Private Jet Franken)

Happy Friiiiday! It's the best day of the week-days! Weeee! 5:30pm today I will be running from my desk to my car, and not thinking about work until Monday morning.

Today I'm showing you my My Private Jet franken. My Private Jet is another polish we all know. I have a dud bottle, and I've been lemming the real thing. I've been watching them sell on Ebay for $50-$75 and I've been thinking about it....but I just couldn't. Then I read on MUA that some girls were buying the "Original MPJ holo", and they turned out to be just duds with SpectraFlair added to them! I don't know how people can do things like that :::shaking my head:::

So, I picked up an extra bottle of DS Original and decided to franken it. I checked numerous blogs, and they also suggest you can use DS Sapphire. I used 1/4 of OPI Black Onyx and 3/4 DS Original. In the bottle photo it looks like only half, but the DS seemed to push the Black Onyx to the sides of the bottle.

Due to the fact that I'm practically broke, I decided to make this comical and call it 'My Economy Ticket'...because we all know the closest I will ever get to a private jet is an airport parking lot LOL.

It's not exact, I'm not even sure if it's close....but it's mine :)
This is NOT my idea, I'm not even sure where it originated, but they are a genius.
What do you think?


  1. Hahaha, I love this! Best name ever for a polish. And great job with the franken, looks amazing!

  2. you did an amazing job! and I love your bottle! ;D

  3. stop, this is crazy gorgeous. i think i'm in love.

  4. This is freaking perfect! I love it AND the name.

  5. Great franken, great pictures. Love the pictures of Original by itself too, in the post below.

  6. Hahaha what a creative name! :) and a lovely franken! I have never made one before, I have GOT to try it :D

  7. Thank you everyone, I should have did better with the clean-up. I'll have to swatch this again.
    I'm glad everyone likes the name, haha. I couldn't think of a more perfect name.