Sunday, November 27, 2011

I'm in Love!!! Tony Moly Galaxy collection

Hey all!! Sorry for the delay in the posts, I hope everyone in the US had a fantastic Thanksgiving with their loved ones. Welcome to all of my new followers, I'm getting excited!!

Today I have something extra special (in my opinion). I have been lemming the Tony Moly Galaxy collection since I initially saw swatches of it. Since Tony Moly isn't available in the US, I had to rely on Ebay to get these babies.

I saw multiple listings for the bottles individually for $9.99 with free shipping, but I found the seller 2b-gentler on Ebay had the entire set for $41.60 including free shipping (there are more than 10 available still, ruuuun ladies!). How could I turn this down? It's almost like getting the 5th bottle free. I was floored at how quickly I received the polish (a little over a week, including the weekends) and it came registered mail with free samples.

This post is picture heavy, I just couldn't narrow it down!

I'm doing something a little different this week. Monday through Friday I will be reviewing each polish from the collection. I normally can't stay focused on one collection for multiple days, but I couldn't wait to get through these!!!

Time to stop the rambling and show the goods ;)

GT01, GT02, GT03, GT04 and GT05






The extras included in my purchase!

The extras :)



  1. Wow those look yum! Can't wait to see swatches :)

  2. I'm so psyched to see what they look like! Plus, I'm really into that bottle, for some reason. These colors seriously look like a "blast in a glass"!