Thursday, November 10, 2011

OPI DS Original

Do I even need to introduce this polish? I know, we alllll know it. I finally decided to bite the bullet and just order it off of Amazon. I kept bidding on Ebay and losing by a few dollars, so I scored this on Amazon for $22.95 + shipping. It's still available and if it's a lemming and you have some extra cash, grab it while you can!

The photos below are 3 coats of OPI DS Original and a coat of Seche Vite. Photos were taken indoors with a flash.

(If my ring finger looks 'odd', it's because I edited just that photo in MS paint. I went crazy with my cuticle trimmer again, and nobody wants to see that lol)


  1. Oh man, it's so beautiful. One of my long time lemmings. Look at those rainbows!!! *drools* :D''''''

  2. Thanks! OPI made grear holos, I don't know why they stopped :(