Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Twinsie Tuesday - Secret Copycat Mani

Good Morning! Since it's Tuesday I'm sure you already remembered that it's Twinsie Tuesday :)  The theme for today is a secret copycat mani. We were each randomly chosen a fellow twinsie and we had to recreate a non TT mani. I was assigned to do a copycat mani from a post done by Anna from Going To The Showing. Anna is such a sweetheart and her nail art skills are amazing! Part of me wanted to take the easy way out and just pick a color that we both own, but then I felt that I needed to attempt what she does best - nail art.

Instead, I remembered an amazing funky french tip she did months back using China Glaze Shower Together and a black nail art polish. Well....mine didn't turn out as amazing as Anna's (which you can see here) but I tried!

I really did Anna's nail art skills and mani no justice. (Sorry Anna! I tried!)

I'm curious to see who everyone else was paired up with. I apologize to whoever had to make a copycat mani from one of my posts :0X

Check them out here:
Ashley at Art Evolve
Chelsea at Nailed Blog
Elizabeth at Did My Nails
Katherine at Haul of Fame
Marisa at Polish Obsession
Meredith at Polish and Charms
Rachel at Top Coat It
And as today marks the 11th anniversary of the September 11th attacks, my sincerest apologizes to anyone who may have lost a loved one on this day 11 years ago.


  1. So cute and so easy! I'm gonna try it!

  2. This is really nice, now I wanna try it!

  3. How cute is this?! I love it, and you did an awesome job with it. Put me down for the copy list because I really wanna try it too now! :)

  4. Looks awesome! I think this is a great copy! I must have missed that post of Anna's but I am going to give it a go too :)

  5. This looks JUST like mine! You did great! Dont be so hard on yourself! I LOVE it!

  6. This looks great! No apologies needed, I had fun copying you.

  7. You did a great job! And I agree with your inspiration, Anna, that you are too hard on yourself about your nail art. :) It looks beautiful!