Saturday, September 1, 2012

PCOS Awareness Month Manicure

Hello! Today I'm joining Nory and a bunch of other bloggers in bringing attention to PCOS. PCOS is short for Policystic Ovarian Syndrome and September is awareness month for PCOS. My fellow Twinsie and friend Nory has been dealing with PCOS and wanted to get the word out.

Symptoms of PCOS include:
  • significant weight gain
  • facial hair increase
  • blood sugar problems
  • insulin intolerance
  • significant hair loss
  • depression and anxiety
  • infertility
  • cysts
  • excessive blood loss
  • irregular or extreme menstrual cycles

  • Nory has put together a list of helpful links for those interested in learning more about PCOS and for those looking for support: - Support System to help women with PCOS
    For my PCOS mani I chose Essie Turquoise and Caicos. I wanted to pick something special for this mani, and since Essie T&C is one of my favorite polishes I felt it needed to be a part of this post. It may be a tad too turquoise, and not enough teal.  :(


    Check out all of the other PCOS Awareness posts. <3

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    1. This is amazing! I love it and this color is perfect, seriously! Thank you for your support it means a lot to me <3

    2. I love this color...don't have it, but love it!!! Perfect!

    3. Great post and a lovely choice--this is such a beautiful colour!

    4. very pretty loving all of the awareness manis I too have PCOS, it sucks!!