Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Twinsie Tuesday - Polish The Color of Our Rooms! (Zoya Charisma)

Can you believe it's another Twinsie Tuesday already? Geeeesh! The weeks fly by. The theme for this week was a polish that's the same color as our room. Now that's an easy one. For a while I was obsessed with all things magenta. Believe it or not, my walls are magenta as well as a ton of other things within my room. I figured while I'm not married with no children I might as well do what I want (I pretty much always use this excuse, I'm thinking I may never have kids or get married lol).  I had a bunch of magenta/fuchsia nail polishes to pick from but I wanted to go with an untried.

The Zoya website described Charisma as an 'ultra bright neon fluorescent magenta/red-toned purple cream.' With all polishes this color, it did dry matte and needed a coat of Out the Door to gain any shine. 

Before I go any further I just want to apologize for these cruddy photos. Two cameras and two cell phone cameras later, I had the worst time trying to get this polish to photograph accurately. Also, since Seche Vite shrinks Zoya like crazy I've been using Out the Door top coat which I'm not liking much at all. I find Out the Door bubbles and I just find it very thin to begin with. It seems to photograph awful in all the photos I've used it for a well.

Ugh, without further ado......

Not color accurate

Not color accurate

Not color accurate

This is as close as I got, but my skintone is way off and my walls in the background look brown. What the hell Charisma?
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  1. This is a pretty awesome color for a room!

  2. This color looks great on you!! Magenta is an awesome room color!

  3. I would SO do my room like this if my husband would let me! I love it :)

  4. This is so cool! Great wall color!!

  5. Haha I share your frustration with color accuracy this week! It's cool your room is that color though!

  6. That is a beautiful shade!!!!! I am sorry you don't like Out The Door, it's my favorite!

  7. I love that you have Magenta walls!!

  8. Ive been wanting Charisma! Its so pretty! I lvoe OTD but I also wish it was a bit thicker. And keep doing what you want! It wont be like that onve you get married and/or have kids!

  9. Magenta walls, how cool! Out The Door bubbled on me too. I tried it for the same reasons you did but ultimately went back to Seche.

  10. What gorgeous polish!! That is so cool that your walls are magenta!

  11. love love love that your walls are magenta! I have such a hard time getting a color accurate pic of magenta too.

  12. love this color so hard. it's always a pain for me to photograph these too, haha. and this on walls! so cute!