Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Zoya Yara

So what happen when Zoya posted the promo links in December?

I stalked Facebook and Twitter for the promo codes alllllll day long. Literally. I'm shocked I wasn't fired that day, because I was glued to my phone more than my work. I stalked Twitter in the morning, on lunch, on my drive home while at red lights. I scored big time. I even pulled over on my drive home so I could input my credit card information. Zoya has been doing amazing promo offers, something I don't see any other nail polish company doing. I love their constant interaction on Facebook and Twitter with their fans, it's really something else. The Ulta near my house doesn't regularly stock Zoya, and the small display they have is usually empty, which is why I only had 3 bottles. Thanks to the December promo (and yesterday's promo) my collection is expanding. In addition to the amazing promo offers, I read they are a vegan company. This is super important to me. I love animals more than anything, which is why I gave up eating meat products over 8 years ago. I would eventually like to weed out the polish companies that continue animal testing, although I know how hard this will be....I love my nail polish lol.

Today's post features Zoya Yara, from the Mirror portion of their Smoke & Mirrors collection. This polish is amazing. It's an olive green with golden glitter/shimmer throughout the base. It's subtle enough not to distract from the beautiful olive base, but enough to stand out. Formula was easy to work with and this was opaque in 2 coats. I was actually surprised by how opaque the first coat was. This is my favorite olive green polish (sorry, Essie...Sew Psyched has taken a back seat lol)

The photos below were taken indoors, with and without flash. Two coats of Yara and a coat of Seche Vite. This is a little photo heavy because I couldn't narrow it down.


  1. Very nice haul! I've taken advantage of their December promos too and expanded my stash from 4 bottles to 22! I simply couldn't resist :D

  2. Thanks! I love the promos, it makes building a collection easy and affordable. I try to resist paying full retail for polish, so I'm loving the promo codes!