Thursday, January 5, 2012

HITS - No Olimpo collection, Zeus

Every once in a while a polish comes in to your life, and you wonder what the hell you were doing without it. That's exactly what happen with Zeus from the No Olimpo collection from HITS. I received this as a Christmas gift from my best friend, who (on top of Zeus) gifted me the most amazing polishes. After we exchanged gifts, I had to nubbinize my nails and I really wanted to wait to wear this, but I figured dark colors look good on nubs so what the hell. I planned on wearing this for 1-2 days and then starting my NYE mani. That's not what happened.....
I wore Zeus for a record S-I-X full days. The last time I wore a mani that long I had OPI Axxium on my nails. I change my polish approx 5 times a week. For the most part, the only mani that lasts longer than a day is my weekend mani (and that's just because I run out of time). I can't begin to explain how much I love this polish. Formula was excellent. It went on smoothly and was opaque in 2 coats. I completely forgot to take photos the first day, so the photos shown are from day #4. On day #4, I only had slight tip wear. On day #6, I still had only tip wear and no chips. Zeus, when not in direct sunlight or light is honestly a little bland. It looks like a dark gray polish, and the shimmer is only slightly apparent. It really comes alive in the sun. For that reason, I included photos of the polish inside, with no flash. I think these are a decent representation of what the polish looks like indoors (although I need to invest in a better lighting system lol). I wish I would have taken outdoor photos. I will remember to take some the next time I wear this polish.

The photos below show 2 coats of Zeus, and a coat of Seche Vite (which did not lessen the holo, in my opinion). I couldn't narrow down the photos, each looked a little different so I decided to upload the best of the photos I took  :0)
Just a reminder, you can purchase HITS from Llarowe.

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  1. Ugh...seeing all your HITS Olimpo swatches is making me need a friend in Brazil STAT. They are all so freakishly gorgeous! This black is perfect with your skin tone.