Friday, February 10, 2012

Lynnderella Thank Blue! vs Jordana Cosmic - Comparison Swatches

Hey ladies! Late post tonight because I came across something that just might scratch that itch for you ladies who are stalking Llarowe's page for Lynnderella's Thank Blue! (or for those of you not willing to spend $15 on a bottle of polish). I've been on my comparison kick this week and I've been trying to compare everything I've been wearing. I picked up two of the new glitters by Jordana this week at KMart for $1.99 (still unsure how I left so many behind!). I picked Cosmic  out of my stack of untrieds and decided to wear it for the weekend and it instantly reminded me of Lynnderella's Thank Blue!

Obviously, they aren't exact duplicates - but (depending on how picky you are) they might be  close enough where you might be able to get by with Jordana Cosmic while you wait to get your hands on Thank Blue!  The colors of the glitter are basically the same, while Thank Blue! is made up of square glitter and Cosmic is made up of hexagonal glitter. The small glitter in Thank Blue! is light blue, where it is a medium blue in Cosmic. The tiny light blue glitter in Thank Blue! gives it a more 'filled in' feeling as it stands out against the base I chose more than the glitter in Cosmic. Cosmic also has silver glitter, where Thank Blue! does not. The density of the green glitter in Cosmic is really what makes this look different, especially on the nail.

On to the photos....

The nail swatches show 2 coats each over Orly Sapphire Silk. I plan on swatching and comparing these over a black creme polish as well. Like I said, they aren't exact dupes but they are similar. They're close enough to the point that I don't even plan on changing them for work tomorrow (that and it's after midnight lol).

What are your thoughts? Do you own Lynnderella Thank Blue! or Jordana Cosmic? Do you think they are similar enough, where if you own one you don't need the other?

Super quick swatches though, and shown on my right hand since the nails on my left are in such bad shape. Please also excuse the excess cuticle oil - I'm trying to stop the cuticle cutting and it's been HARD! (I usually remove 3-4 days a week, and it's been 4 days since I've last done it. I have such an urge to get out my gigantic bottle of remover and tools and get rid of anything that even looks dry lol).

Goodnight ladies! Happy Friday!!! :0)


  1. Well spotted and thanks for sharing!

  2. I think if you have one you don't need the other. very similar & very pretty! great post!

    1. Thanks! While I would never turn down a Lynn, that's how I feel about these.

  3. These are both pretty!! Thanks for the comparison.