Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Twinsie Tuesday - Ombre Mani

Good Morning! The theme of this week's Twinsie Tuesday is an ombre mani. This is honestly the first time I've done an ombre. While they are cute on other people something about it just doesn't seem wearable for me on a daily basis. Before I even start, I am not proud of this mani. I mixed up the two end colors, so my ombre is a little off. On top of that I only have one photo. I'm trying to stop cutting my cuticles, which seems to be quite a challenge. They are going through a terrible/awkward stage that I can only hope gets better (otherwise I'm breaking out all my tools again). So I apologize for the one sideways pic, it hides them best lol.

For my ombre I decided to go with purple cremes. From left to right I used Bettina Flip Flop, OPI Do You Lilac It, Essie Nice is Nice and OPI Rumples Wiggin. All were two coats topped with a coat of Seche Vite.

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  1. You're too hard on yourself hon! I see what you're saying about the last two colors, but it still looks great! Love the colors!

  2. I agree - you are way too hard on yourself! I think this is very pretty :)

  3. This is really cute...I agree with everyone else, you are just being to hard on yourself :O)

  4. i agree, i love these! we're our own worst critics though haha

  5. The colors you used are gorgeous!

  6. SO pretty!!! I love me some purple!! :D I want all of these. XD

  7. This turned out so nice. I was so close to doing a purple ombre too.

  8. You're being too hard on yourself. :) I think it turned out beautifully!

  9. Oh I can't look at this mani because it makes me want to add four more colors to my wish list. Flip Flop is just amazingggg. And I know what you mean about the awkward cuticle stage. I try to Burt's Bees it like crazy when they get like that, tends to work somewhat.

  10. Cuticles are one of the toughest things being a blogger. However, your mani looks great!

  11. So pretty!!! I use lots of LUSH on my cuticles!