Sunday, May 13, 2012

Blog Sale....updated again! Prices lowered and more brands/polishes added!

Since I've had quite a bit of satisfaction letting go of my polishes (strange, huh?) I updated my blog sale page again. I lowered prices and added more brands.
If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me.

Please see my Blog Sale page for contact information. Here is the list of polishes I am currently looking to purge:

LaylaOcean Rush (2x) $12

OPI Santiago Sangria (BN) $10
OPI A Roll in the Hague (1x) $6
OPI How's it Snowin? (BN) $7
OPI Down to My Last Penny (BN) $8 (blue marker on bottom label, legible)
OPI Glacier Bay Blues (1x) $8
OPI DS Couture (usage just under the O, cap discolored and scratched) $10
OPI DS Reflection (1x) $7
OPI DS Radiance (1x - MISSING LABEL) $7
OPI DS Magic (BN) $7
OPI DS Mystery (BN) $7
OPI DS Opulance (BN) $7
OPI DS Temptation (1x) $7
OPI You Ottaware Purple (BN) $6
OPI Play Til Midnight $7 (sharpie marker line on label and code scratched off bottle)
OPI Lighten Up, You're Two Pence (BN) $6
OPI Don't Toy With Me (BN) $7
OPI Catherine The Grape (BN) $7
OPI All A-Bordeaux The Sled (BN) $7
OPI Shimmery Chic (BN) $8
OPI Friar Friar Pants On Fire (BN) $8
OPI Light My Sapphire (BN) $6
OPI Ali's Big Break (BN) $6
OPI Diva of Geneva (BN) $6
OPI Melon of Troy (2x) $4
OPI Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous (1x) $5

Bridal Veil (1x) $10
Order of the Garter (1x) $9
Ascalon (1x) $10
Princess Tears (1x) $10

Golden Dragon (BN) $9

Claires & Icing
Icing Epic Winning (BN) $4.50
Icing The Golden Age of Glitter (BN) $4.50
Icing All Night Long (BN) $4.50
Claires Magnetix Green (1x, wonky brush) $4.00

Essie Bobbling for Baubles (BN) $4
Essie Jamaica Me Crazy (BN) $4
Essie Size Matters (1x) $4
Essie Beach Bum Blu (BN) $4
Essie Sexy Divide (1x) $4
Essie Lacy Not Racy (1x) $4
Essie Jam & Jelly (1x) $4
Essie Very Cranberry (BN) $4
Essie Yes We Can Pink (BN) $2
Essie Blushing Bride (BN) $2
Essie Alligator Purse (BN) $4

Nicole by OPI
NOPI Green Up Your Act (BN) $6
NOPI Party in the Penthouse (1x) $5
NOPI Yellow it’s Me (1x) $5
NOPI Snow-man of My Dreams (BN) $5
NOPI My Sleigh's In The Shop (BN) $5
NOPI Orna-ment For Each Other (BN) $5

Orly Berry Blast (BN) $4
Orly La Chateau (BN) $4

China Glaze
China Glaze LOL (BN) $20.00
China Glaze Ultamate Holiday (BN) $8.00
China Glaze Happy Go Lucky (BN) $4.00
China Glaze Anklets of Amethyst (1x) $3.50
China Glaze Admire (1x) $3.50
China Glaze Hey Doll (BN) $4.00
China Glaze Brownstone (BN) $4.00
China Glaze Mango Madness (1x) $3.50
China Glaze First Class Ticket (BN) $4.00
China Glaze Emerald Fitzgerald (BN) $4.00
China Glaze Midnight Mission (BN) $4.00
China Glaze Blue Paradise (BN) $4.00
China Glaze Little Drummer Boy (1x) $3.50
China Glaze Meditteranian Charm (1x) $3.50

Butter London No More Waity Katie (BN) $9
MAC Style Clan (BN) $9
Estee Lauder Red Lights (80%) $7
Borghese Belissima Rose (BN) $2
Borghese Plumaggio Purple (BN) $2
Borghese Principessa Ivory (BN) $2
The Face Shop RD301 (1x) $6
Julep Diane (BN) $5
Glitter Gal Green 3D Holo - small size (1x) $10
Hits Mari Moon Dreamer (BN) $7
Hits Mari Moon Cool (BN) $7 (brush is wonky, you will have to email Llarowe for a new one)
Jessica Iridescent Eye (1x) $5
Sinful Colors Green Ocean (BN) $3

Duri Devil Wears Duri (BN) $3
Duri Mystic Elements (BN) $3
Duri Fallen Angel (1x) $3
Duri Night Before Christmas (1x) $3
Duri Dragontini (1x) $3
Duri Angels and Demons (1x) $3
Duri Black Diamond (BN) $3
Duri Addicted to Fame (BN) $3

Color Club:
Color Club It’s a Hit! (s2x) $2
Color Club Wish Upon a Rock-Star (s2x) $2
Color Club Backstage Pass (s2x) $2
Color Club Earthy Angel (1x) $2
Color Club Lumin-icecent (BN) $3
Color Club Nouveau Vintage (BN) $3
Color Club De-Luxe-Cious (BN) $3
Color Club Wild & Willing (BN) $3
Color Club Feel the Beat (BN) $3

Jordana & Milani:
Jordana Purple Glam (BN) $2
Jordana Coral Spark (BN) $2
Milani Gems (2x) $3
Milani Beach Front (BN) $5
Milani Blue Flash (1x) $4

Sally Hansen:
Sally Hansen Glass Slipper (BN) $4
Sally Hansen Bling-tastic (BN) $4
Sally Hansen Prisms South Sea Pearl (BN) $2
Sally Hansen Complete Manicure Model Behavior (BN) $4
Sally Hansen Complete Manicure Problem Child (BN) $7

Sally Beauty Supply Brands:
Nina Ultra Pro Purple X-ing (BN) $4.00
Finger Paints Comets Collar (BN) $400
Finger Paints Winter Sky (BN) $4.00

Thanks for looking! :)

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