Thursday, May 10, 2012

Lynnderella Mercurial

Good Morning! Today I have swatches of Lynnderella Mercurial for you. This was one of my biggest lemmings and one of the first polishes I tried when I received my Llarowe order a few weeks back.

Mercurial consists of different size and shape silver, gunmetal, black and lavender purple glitter in a slightly tinted gray base. Formula was decent, with the exception of the large silver hex glitter. The large hex pieces curled and wouldn't stay down no matter how long I held them down flat during dry time. I took a macro shot of the hex glitter so you can see what I'm referring to. I actually left the hex glitter in place for the photos and picked it off later. I removed the hex glitter from my (unphotographed) right hand during application.

The photos below show two coats of Mercurial over China Glaze Concrete Catwalk...

Damn you curly hex glitter! lol

I wish I had chosen a different base for this, this seems too matchy-matchy for my liking.

Don't forget to check out my new *Blog Sale* page. I looked at my old stash list and I must be around at least 800/850/900 bottles by now. I NEED to unload! I'm too scared to actually count lol.


  1. I actually really love the base color with this!! try it over revlon royal cloak! i really liked it like that:]

  2. i like it with this base color. can't wait to see what you put it over next

  3. All you lucky folks out there who do the whole wishlist thing to own coveted Lynnderella polishes. Too bad about the curling on the hex shapes - kind of one of 'those' you need to go in with the tweezers and move the glitter pieces around. Agree - I think I would like it better with a different base - but heck - that's how we find these things out! I have been sporting a layering job I did that just won't quit - going on day 12 now and no tip wear - nothing - and I don't really like it - figures. I think I will soak it all off this weekend - it's got layers of glitter and Gelous among other things so I know it will be a good hr taking it off all 10.