Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Twinsie Tuesday: Hyped Up Polish You Were Disappointed By....

Good Morning! Today we have another issue of Twinsie Tuesday. Today's topic is a hyped up polish that we were disappointed by. The first polish that comes to mind is L'Oreal Owl's Night, since I bought it strictly off all the talk on MUA. It's still sitting in my untrieds. Since I haven't swatched it yet and I was short on time, I felt it was unfair to chose it. So I picked Essie Smokin' Hot.

I'm not saying Essie Smokin' Hot isn't a nice color, I just felt I read so much about it and when I finally got it on my nails I didn't feel the love. The best way to describe this is a deep gray creme with a touch of purple. This has been duped quite a few times and it has some exact dupes and close cousins in Color Club Rad Nomad, Color Club Ash Brown, Nina Ultra Pro Never Glum Plum,  Zoya Kelly, Sally Hansen Gray Area and Chanel Paradoxal.

The photos below show two coats of Essie Smokin' Hot with a coat of Seche Vite...

I was a little bored, so I topped it with a coat of Kleancolor's City Never Sleeps...

Still bored! LOL. Maybe I need a lot to really catch my eye. Like I said, it's a nice color but with all the times it's been duped you would think it was truly amazing. How come nobody is duping Essie Starry Starry Night instead? There is one close dupe (Fing'rs Blue Glitter) which is so hard to find. I want all of my HTF lemmings to be duped like Essie Smokin' Hot was.

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Off topic, but did anyone watch the premier of Brooklyn 11223 on Oxygen last night? I like to watch anything local, but I don't think I'll be able to make it through a season of this show. I was hoping to find a replacement for The Challenge when that ends on Wednesday night. I'm wondering if anyone else had a hard time watching it like I did   lol  ;)


  1. You may want to try Color Club Rad Nomad/Ash Brown (same color, different name, no clue why). It's apparently a dupe to Smokin' Hot but I like it 1,000x more than the Essie. For $3, can't hurt to try, right?

  2. Awww.. I like it with the glitter. Hope you find something that provides what you were looking for in this one.

  3. It's not so bad...I think. City Never Sleeps was one of the glitters I just could make myself like, lol.

  4. The glitter on top looks GORGEOUS! Hopefully you find something works out for you!

  5. I like that glitter, but I see what you are saying. The wow factor isn't there. It looks pretty on you though!

  6. Aw sorry it was dissapointing!

  7. I remember wanting to find Owl's Night but glad I didn't go crazy searching for it since I eventually came across Rad Nomad

  8. I think it would be a nice color to wear in Fall!

  9. Essie always gets me hyped up with the color in the bottle then lets me down when I paint my nails! I think another dupe of this would be Barry M Dusky Mauve, but the Barry M has more of the purple flash I was looking for in this one. Although it disappointed you, I still think it looks great on your nails! That Kleancolor glitter looks great over it also. I got it recently but haven't tried it yet.