Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Twinsie Tuesday - Copy Cat Post # 2

Good morning! Today we have another Copy Cat post. The first time around I was paired up with Anna from Going to the Showing. She has amazing nail art skills. Due to arthritis/carpal tunnel of some sort that it taking over the joints in my fingers the last few days I was feeling less than skilled this week. I decided to go with something simple. I searched and searched through Anna's posts until I found a polish that I also owned. I did two coats of China Glaze Emerald Fitzgerald topped with Seche Vite. For whatever reason, I just don't like this polish on me. It looks fantastic on Anna, but on me I think it clashes a bit :::puts in purge pile:::

Check out Anna's post featuring Emerald Fitzgerald here.

My swatches:

Just. Not. A. Fan.  I embrace my paleness at all times but I feel like this just makes me look uber washed out. It's much more dark teal than it is emerald. I wouldn't even consider it a true green. I've had it on since Sunday, but I'm blaming my laziness on that.
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  1. I think this looks beautiful on you, Katherine! Of course I'm always going to be cheering for teal, but I think this deep, jewel shade looks all kinds of rich and glam next to your skin. Then again, being of the pale persuasion myself, I totally know what you mean about not wanting a polish to wash you out. It's such a balancing act sometimes! >_<

  2. I love dark colors on short nails!

  3. I think it's stunning on you!!

  4. I didnt really like this one either but it looks good on you! Funny that you got me again this time! What a coincidence!