Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Color Club - Cloud Nine (reswatch)

As I mentioned the other day, I will be reposting the Color Club Halo Hues that I have as I wear them. Here is two coats of Cloud Nine and a coat of Seche Vite (under my indoor lamp)

Holy holo! So in addition to the amazing formula I found the wear to be pretty great too. I wore this Saturday afternoon, all day Sunday and until late Monday night with absolutely no chips. Even on a super rainy Sunday afternoon in NY this showed holographic effects  :)
Someone in my last post asked me whether this is more lavender or pink, and when it's not full of holographic rainbows, it's definitely more pink than purple. I should have taken a photo of this in dull lighting.


  1. love this ive never seen a colour like it before!
    im obsessed with all things nail polish too!

  2. I love Color Club, I love holo polishes, and I love you for swatching these! *mwah*

  3. So pretty! These new color club holos are proving to be much better than I thought they would be!!