Monday, August 20, 2012

Misa Dirty Sexy Money and My Sunday-Funday Essie Haul

Good Morning! It's just another manic Monday, ugh! Why do the weekends always fly by but the work week takes it's time? Today I have a polish that sat in my untrieds for about 10 months, and now I can't understand why. I received this as a gift for my last birthday from by best friend.

Misa Dirty Sexy Money is described as a creamy turquoise-green. I fell head over heels in love with this. It's a tad dusty but I love that it leans more green than blue. Formula was excellent and it was completely opaque in two coats. I did find that I had a lot of tip wear within 24 hours. I've been having some top coat issues, so I'm not sure if I should attribute the chippage to Misa DSM or my top coat. Either way, I'm loving Dirty Sexy Money....

I've been on a HUGE Essie kick the past few weeks. Yesterday my best friend and I made our way around Brooklyn and Queens on a polish hunt, since I know that I can find Essie for a more competitive price than the $6 I pay at my local beauty supply.

Here's my haul....and I'm so excited to get through them!

I picked up Essie Boxer Shorts, Coat Azure, Mochachino, Who's the Boss?, Fear or Desire, She's Picture Perfect, No More Film, Cascade Cool, Head Mistress, Armed & Ready, Miss Fancy Pants, Stylenomics and Don't Sweater It. The OPI you see is Swimsuit Nailed It.

I know there are a couple of NY girls here's a breakdown of where I've shopped and pricing which someone may find helpful...

D&D Nail Supply
Fort Hamilton Parkway, Brooklyn
$4 Essie, $5 OPI, $3 Duri ---- Cash Only
I found them to be really extremely picked over (I've been here once before). On the phone they told me they had all collections up to the Stylenomics collection, but they had only Miss Fancy Pants. A bit of a let down if you have a specific list. I had a list of 10 from newer and older collections and could only get 3 here. They were that picked over. I doubt I will be back.

TQ Beauty Nail Supply
4th Ave, Brooklyn 
12/$60 Essie and 12/$72 OPI
Fully stocked! Over the phone they told us Essie was $4, and then when we got there we were told they were sold only by the dozen. My bestie and I split a dozen but because of this didn't get any OPI which was hard since they had the new Germany collection. Staff was friendly and helpful when I asked a question. I'm not sure if they are cash only or not...

Vonita Nail Supply/18th Ave Nail Supply  (whitepages/the sign)
18th Ave, Brooklyn
$6 Essie, $4 Color Club, No OPI. --- Cash Only
I didn't buy anything here but they did have decent stock.

Fashion Nail Supply
Grand Ave, Flushing
$8 OPI, $8 Essie, $4 Color Club
I didn't buy anything because I don't find their pricing to be competitive - but it's a quick local stop if you are on Queens Blvd.

All four supply stores were missing Bikini So Teeny, Play Date, Go Overboard and the new Yogaga collection by Essie. I had to pay full retail for Boxer Shorts at Walgreens; I couldn't go home without it lol  :)


  1. Wow love the mani and the awesome haul!

  2. Awesome Misa! Really need to take a drive into Brooklyn one of these days...

    1. Thanks Amanda! You's an adventure :)

  3. Great Mani & awesome haul! I'm thinking I should add some more Essie's to my collection as well!

    1. Thank you! I agree, you can't go wrong with Essie polishes :)

  4. Nice haul! I thought of you when I posted my recent hauls today. :)

    1. Thanks Jammies! I love hauling. Unfortunately, my wallet doesn't lol

  5. Fantastic haul! And DSM is probably my favorite Misa ever, such a great dusty turquoise creme. Looks great on you!

    1. Thank you! I really like all of my Misa polishes, but this may also be my favorite :)

  6. Nice haul...and this color is gorgeous. I can see why you fell in love with it!